This article will take you through the steps of updating Orzone Exam to the latest version.


1. Click on "Start" and type "Add or Remove programs"

2. Open the Add or Remove programs option and type "Orzone Exam" in the search field, then select "Modify" 

3. Select "Update components" and click "Next"

4. When the installer is Finished, please start the application and make sure that it works


The update installer is called and is located in the installation folder of the software:


Where <YourAccount> is your user name. can be found in the launchpad. If it is not presented in the launch pad, open the installation folder of Orzone Exam specified above in Finder. The quickest way to open the installer is to press "command" + "Spacebar" and type OrzoneExamInstaller and then open.

Updating the software

Make sure that Orzone Exam is closed before attempting an update. Once you have opened the OrzoneExamInstaller, select the "Update" option and click on "Next". The installer will then check if there are any valid updates. If there are updates the installer will present which version is available and ask if you wish to update. Click on update to continue and then follow the instructions in the installer.