This article describes the invitation letter sent out to candidates before a remote examination. The letter contains links with information about how to proceed to prepare your computer for a remote examination. If you dont have this letter (can sometimes end up in the spam filter) contact the organizer to get a new one.

If you dont have this letter you cannot login to the remote exam app. 

Name John Smith





Hello John


You are registered to sit the Medical Society Diploma 2020 Exam on the 4th September at 9.00 (CEST)


You will have to prepare your computer for the exam, to do so use the following link(personal link for each candidate)


Support is available weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00 (CET).


The deadline to complete the software installation and check-in is Tuesday 30th of August


Make sure that you have read the instructions at carefully and prepared accordingly.


Failure to prepare your computer in the stipulated time frame means that you will not be able to sit the exam. Please start your preparation early.


If you need help, go to: