This article describes how to setup & use the remote examination app from Orzone. A video show a sequence from login to start the exam. A step by step guide supports the video.


1. Booking code

Information from your invitation letter (last name & booking code, as spelled inside this letter)

  1. Start the Orzone Remote exam app
  2. Write your last name
  3. Write your booking code 
  4. Click on the arrow which appears to the right

If you like to go to your personal portal page, click on the link, "Take me to the Portal" on the first page before you log in to the app.

2. Preparations

  • Policies: read and mark all checkboxes if you approve, and click the I agree button

  • Device section: confirm the hardware, and Press Continue

  • ID setup: Check the light, place yourself in front of the camera, click on Start a blue rectangle surrounds your face. If the picture´s OK, you get transferred to the Face page

  • ID setup, place yourself in front of the camera, click on Start a blue rectangle surrounds your face. If the picture´s OK, you get transferred to the Face page. If not move your head and control if the icons at the top of the screen get a blue color, you need to get all ok, before the next step.

If it is too dark in your room, you cant take a proper picture, change the light and try to take the picture again.

3. Face-id setup

  • Press Start button
  • Wait for the software to identify your face (If something is wrong in your picture, press stop and remove the obstacle and press Identify again.
  • If OK, you will be transferred to the next page 

4. Boarding

  • On the Examination day start the computer app
  • Following  the instructions inside the app:

4.1 Setup your room for the exam

4.2 Prepare for identification

4.3 Face identification

4.4 Waiting to be admitted

4.5 Admitted into the examination 

5. Start the examination

The look of the menu to start the examinations depends on which type of exam you run, the logic:

  • At exam start time a link to an exam or part of an exam will be activated
  • Read the instructions 
  • Click on the link to enter the exam(part).
  • If the exam has several parts repeat the behavior for each part until you reached the end of the examination

6. Help pages

  • To get access to the support site, press the Help button inside the app
  • Read articles
  • Add a ticket to support if you have a severe 

7. Controls

  • Side bar menu, top left corner of the screen, Menu button
  • Question stem
  • Options to select an answer from (depends on question type)
  • Image: depends on if the question has one, if so, a thumbnail with the possibility to enlarge the image by clicking
  • Time left, for the examination part, top right corner
  • Question answered, progress bar, how many answered questions/total question in part
  • Question navigation matrix: navigate t a specific question by clicking in the matrix (also show bookmarked questions). The dark color indicates the question has been answered
  • Next question button takes you to the next questions, from the position you are
  • Bookmark button adds a bookmark to a question, will be visible in the question matrix (nothing else but a bookmark, does not affect the question in any way)
  • Bookmark arrow button, navigates to the next bookmarked question, a help to find the marked ones.
  • Finish button will be used ONLY if you are ready with your examination part. If you press the button all the questions will be stored and you will end up at the Main menu again, to take the next part or finish the examination

8. Messages

  • You can be notified inside the app by messages (symbol at the top right corner)

9. Examination