This article describes the support routine for the remote exam

First, determine if you have a technical problem

First, determine if you have a technical problem or general questions about the exam. 

A technical problem is for example one of the following problems:

  • Problem with local network/wifi
  • Problem with the exam app (can not create face ID, can not move forward to the next question, seem to have lost connection, etc)

Second, determine, the circumstance

Second, determine, the circumstance when the problem occurred.

  1. It happened before the exam started (installing, check-in or boarding) 
  2. It happened during the exam (when you have started the exam)

Type of problemBefore examDuring exam
Technical problem
  • Go to
  • Click "+ new support ticket".
  • Describe your problem and submit. Include your computer type and operating system plus phone nr for contact.
  • Business hours are 8.30-17.00 (CET)

  • Inviligator use Whatsapp channel
Other problem
  • Call or mail to your organizer of the event
  • No questions during exam