Q: How does it work for a candidate to be part of a remote exam?

A: You need a computer with a working camera and working wifi. You receive instructions on how to download software from the organizer (along with a booking code). Your face id will be associated with the computer during the installation process. On the examination day, you open the app and "login" with your face.


Q: Which type of computer is supported?

A: The minimum specification of the device you use should PC Windows 10 -11 (64-bit) or Mac 10.14 and later.

Q: How to get login details

A: One or two weeks before the exam you will receive the login information from the organization, via email (invitation letter). It will consist of instructions, a link for where to download software, and a Booking Code.

Q: How to download software?

A: Go to the site: and use the login details from your invitation letter. 1a How to prepare your computer 


Q: How to login to the app

A: After installation of the Orzone - remote exam app on your computer, open the app, enter your last name and the Booking code to enter the app.


Q: What is my Booking code?

A: The Booking code will be used to identify you, for example during installation of the exam software (Orzone - remote exam app). The Booking code is a 6 character long string. You will need this and your family name, spelled as it is in the invitation letter).

Q: Which app will be used as the video monitoring app on my computer?

A: On the computer, you will use the Orzone - remote exam app. 


Q: Can I change the computer if my camera doesn´t work?

A: Yes, you can change the computer during the preparation phase(not after it has been completed). Follow the steps in this article: Change computer during preparation

Q: Can I change my picture (faceid) inside the app?

A: Yes, you can change the picture during the preparation phase(not after it has been completed). Follow the steps in this article: Change picture(faceid) during installation



Q: How does it work with toilet breaks during the examination?

A: The Organizer plans for toilet breaks between the different parts of the examination. To find the schedule for your examination please enter the candidate portal ( & log in with your last name & booking code

Q: Can I use headphones during the examination?

A: No. (Unless you have been given an exception)

Q: Can I use an external keyboard during the examination?

A: Yes. 

Q: The sound irritates me?

A: You can turn the sound warnings off, using the menu on the left-hand side.
If you are getting several warnings that is also an indication that the face-id is not detecting your face properly or that you are violating exam rules (such as trying to switch to another application).
If the face-tracking is not detecting your face you should make sure that the lighting in the room is good and that the camera is directly in front of you. Remember, even if you turn off the sound you are being tracked, and an invigilator may block you from further participation if your face is not being detected. The sound is there to remind you and to prompt you to fix the problem.

Q: My computer lost wifi connection, in the middle of the exam?

A: You can still take the examination, the answers will be stored locally and as soon as you get an internet connection again, the results will be uploaded. If the problem persists for a longer time it may prevent you from completing the exam. Having a reliable network is a prerequisite. Contact, if I have any problems


Q: My computer lost wifi connection?

A: You can use the wifi on your phone: 

  • iPhone: go to Settings --> Personal Hotspot -->Set a password --> Turn Personal Hotspot on.
  • Computer: click on the internet access, icon to the right

Q: How "much" wifi do I need for the examination?

A: the exam software requires as much data traffic as an ordinary online newspaper. You can run You should have a minimum of 3 Mbit/s


Q: Can I loose answers during the examination?

A: All data will be stored at all times, even if you lose connection to the internet, as long as you can get a connection back so you can store your results (without internet they will be stored locally for a short period of time).


Q: How does a bookmark work inside the examination?

A: Press Bookmark on a question = only a bookmark, nothing else, works as a personal reminder for you


Q: Communication during the examination?

A: The candidate can post a ticket in the help section. Please note that the most common way of fixing problems is to restart the application and/or restart the computer. Much more can not be done during the day of the exam. The organizer can send messages to the candidate(s) inside the app.

Q: What will happen if I violate face detection repeatedly?

A:  All these events will be logged and an invigilator may block you from further participation. The invigilator has the possibility to track and monitor events triggered by the application.


Q: What is good behavior in front of face detection?

A: Face detection has four states:

  • In front of the screen, looking into the screen - OK
  • Head turned more than 60 degrees - NOT OK
  • Leaving the screen - NOT OK
  • Two or more persons in front of the screen - NOT OK

Q: What happens if I have technical problems on the day of the exam?

A:  You may not be able to complete the exam.

  • Try to restart the application and the computer. 
  • Make sure you are not using multiple screens, VPN, etc. 
  • Make sure your lighting in the room is OK. 
  • Make sure your wifi is working. 

If it still does not work after multiple attempts then you may belong to a small fraction that may not be able to complete the exam. Submit a ticket. Your exam organizer will contact you after the exam for options.

Q: How can I submit help

A: During the day of the exam you have access to:

  • During exam: To reach the self-service described in articles (restart computer etc) 
    • Click Menu button (upper left corner) 
    • Click Help button
  • During exam: To Submit a ticket to tech support:
    • Click Menu button (upper left corner) 
    • Click New support ticket button

During installation, phase press help button and submit a ticket. If any problems then go to and press "New support ticket". If you have sent one ticket then there is no need to send another. It will take some time before your ticket is serviced.