This article lists the most common FAQ (frequently asked question) about the remote exam

Q: My computer lost wifi connection?

A: You can use the wifi on your phone: 

  • iPhone: go to Settings --> Personal Hotspot -->Set a password --> Turn Personal Hotspot on.
  • Computer: click on the internet access, icon to the right

Q: My phone lost connection to ZOOM?

A: Fix the wifi connection & Go to the web browser and press Launch meeting (for SMS) open SMS invitation link and reconnect again:


Q: My computer lost wifi connection, in the middle of the examination?

A: You can still take the examination the answers will be stored locally and as soon as you get an internet connection again, the results will be uploaded. If the problem persists for more than 1 minute. Contact, if I have any problems

Q: How "much" wifi do I need for the examination?

A: the exam software requires as much data traffic as an ordinary online newspaper. You can run You should have a minimum of 3 Mbit/s

Q: Can I lose answers during the examination?

A: All data will be stored at all times, even if you lose connection to the internet, as long as you can get a connection back so you can store your results (without internet they will be stored locally).

Q: How does a bookmark work inside the examination?

A: Press Bookmark at a question = only a bookmark, nothing else, works as a personal reminder for you

Q: How do multiple languages work inside the examination?

A: if you enter an examination with multiple languages, all users can toggle back and forth between these languages


Q: Which app will be used as the video monitoring app on my phone?

A: On the mobile, you will use the ZOOM app. 1b How to prepare your phone for video invigilation 

Q: Which app will be used as the video monitoring app on my computer?

A: On the computer, you will use the Orzone - remote exam app. 1a How to prepare your computer

Q: Can I change the computer if my camera doesn´t work?

A: No. You have to use the same computer from install until the exam is completed.

Q: Can I use headphones during the examination?

A: The answer is NO in general, but ask your examiner if they have local rules.


Q: The Booking code, how will I use this code?

A: The Booking code (3 letters + 3 numbers)) will be used to start the Orzone - remote exam app (together with your family name). It will also be used as an identifier in the ZOOM video meeting and in communication. Keep it handy

Q: The Boarding code, how will I use this code?

A: The Boarding code (4 digits) you receive this code to start the examination, after entering the exam room in zoom


Q: What will happen if I violate the face detection?

A: The screen will go into a locked mode, and an alarm will go off, for the candidate sound alarm and for the invigilator a status with the modes above. After examination, the examiners can look at all events from the examination.

Q: What is good behavior in front of face detection?

A: Face detection has four states:

  • In front of the screen, looking into the screen - OK
  • Turned your head more than 60 degrees - NOT OK
  • Leaving the screen - NOT OK
  • Two or more persons in front of the screen - NOT OK