This article describes taking the examination as a candidate, how to start parts and navigate between questions, use different types of supporting tools and how to finish.


The examination has started and the candidate sees a menu with the parts of the examination. They will be accessible one after another, as time moves on.

The active section is highlighted, Click at the Start button at the bottom of the screen

If you click on a part in the list you get a popup window with information. You can also reach this information from within the examination part, by clicking the info(i) button.

A menu to your left-hand side appears once you're inside the examination part. To reach this menu, click at the top left corner of the screen, Menu button


  • The section with the face shows how the face id check your actions
  • Name section with your name and booking code, (use details in the communication)
  • Speach warning (toggle): if you would like to remove the audio warnings from the system (default: off)
  • Auto open drawer (toggle): if you move the cursor to the left the menu appears (default: on)
  • Hide time remaining (toggle): show the time left of the part, tióp right corner (default: on)
  • Text size (wheel): increase/decrease the font size by 50% in both directions by rotating the wheel
  • Help button: Reach for articles and add tickets
  • Close application button: closes the interface around the examination, not the exam itself. 

Resize a question

Sometimes you don't see the entire question. The reason for that could be a number of things, could be a combination of increased font size and many alternatives for the question, many images, resolution of the desktop of the computer.

You can control the content by using a handle like the one in the picture below.

For more info read this article: Problem viewing the entire question

Starting to interact with the questions, a few new tools appear


  • Sidebar menu, top left corner of the screen, Menu button
  • Question stem
  • Options to select an answer from (depends on question type)
  • Image: depends on if the question has one, if so, a thumbnail with the possibility to enlarge the image by clicking
  • Time left, for the examination part, top right corner
  • Question answered, progress bar, how many answered questions/total question in part
  • Question navigation matrix: navigate t a specific question by clicking in the matrix (also show bookmarked questions). The dark color indicates the question has been answered
  • Next question button takes you to the next questions, from the position you are
  • Bookmark button adds a bookmark to a question, will be visible in the question matrix (nothing else but a bookmark, does not affect the question in any way)
  • Bookmark arrow button, navigates to the next bookmarked question, a help to find the marked ones.
  • The finish button will be used ONLY if you are ready with your examination part. If you press the button all the questions will be stored and you will end up at the main menu again, to take the next part or finish the examination


If you behave outside the recommendations, in front of the camera, the visual warnings will appear, at the top of the screen

Finish button

Inside the examination, you have a Finish button. Use this to finalize this part of the examination. Pressing this button does not close down the part. A popup window appears and informs you about how many unanswered questions/how many bookmarked questions you have left for this part. This gives you a chance to reflect over if you want to go back into the part again or you want to leave.

Essay questions

All questions have an autosave function, set to a few seconds. This type of question comes with an extra save button connected to the very question. The purpose for want to be sure to get the last word/change before you move to another question.