This article explain what to do before the exam start (on the day of the exam). 


General information

  • The exam organizer will have informed you when you are supposed to be connect to the exam session, usually 30-90 minutes before the exam start. 
  • Please read the instructions from your exam organizer carefully. 
  • Also make sure that your computer is prepared and checked-in, otherwise its not be possible to on-board exam.

Prepare your documents

  • Have your Photo ID ready
  • Have your Room prepared according to instructions
  • Have your Booking code ready

Start your exam app on your computer

  • Click at the icon

Connect to Invigilation

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check that you have the correct device.
  • The invigilation software will check your face id in combination with your hardware, this will be your guarantee to get inside the examination

Demo examination

  • While you wait for your boarding code, you can try out a demo examination.

When the exam is ready to start

  • At the announced time, sometimes a few minutes delay can occur, due to the new format and technical problems need to be sorted out. As soon as you see a Go to exam, the exam has started.

During the exam

  • if the examiner/invigilator needs to communicate with you you will get a message inside the Remote exam software.