This article describes the steps for an examiner during examination day. How to enter Zoom meeting, invite & control candidates, control the start times for the examination(s)

Events will be recorded, both video and events, (looking away from the screen, many people in room, no people in room, try to switch application). Data from each candidate can be analyzed after the examination.

Golden "rule" for remote exams: Avoid discussions during examination and tell candidates to try their best to answer all questions. Discussions can be left until after the examination.


Examiner enter ZOOM on the computer

  • The Examiner login to a video meeting on a computer, using a link from the society (the ZOOM app on your computer, do NOT use the browser version)
  • The Examinator administration privileges for the room
  • Please do NOT close the room until the examination is over
  • The room will start with record mode set to on, do NOT turn to record off.

Examiner starts WhatsApp on the computer

  • During examination use the communication protocol (Zoom room #, Candidate #, problem)

Zoom Controls

  • Screen views: Gallery view or Speaker view can be switched between at the top right corner of the screen

Speaker view

  • Full view of a candidate:  click on a candidate, three dots appear in the top right corner of the zoom view. Select Pin Video to see a maximized video image of the candidate.
  • The participant list, found in the middle-lower part of the screen, shows the names of all the candidates in the room. In this view, the examiner can control the candidates by:
  1. Mute all, Unmute all, (single candidate interaction by toggle microphone, toggle video)
  2. Invite candidate from the waiting room by clicking the button in the waiting room section
  3. Candidates can click on the Raise hand button to call for attention.

Candidate enter ZOOM

  • The Candidate will call this meeting, via mobile phone using ZOOM app (link in the Invitation letter)
  • The Candidate ends up in a waiting room (the examiner will be notified)

  •  The Examiner invite the candidate into the meeting, by pressing the Admit button

Candidate boarding

The Examiner will ask the candidate to show the following:

  • Photo ID (remember to Pin Video)
  • Room prepared, see instructions below, ask the candidate to move the camera around.

About the picture on the wall, if you have a picture just behind your computer the face recognition software can be disturbed and start to alarm

  • If all info OK, the Examiner hands out a boarding code to each candidate

Candidate camera setup

Should look like this:

Start the examination

  • At a certain time, a start code for the different parts will be handed out, one by one, for each part. The candidate uses the start code to open up the examination.
  • Every part need a start code to start (examiner hands out the start codes)
  • Every part stops after the candidate pressed the FInished button or the time has run out.

Video with general info

The video describes the procedure before & during and remote examination