This article will guide you trough the installation of the Orzone Remote Exam on a Mac system (10.13 or later) 
Close make sure to close all other programs and any VPC connections, if any. Follow the instructions carefully.

1. Download software

  • (through admin permission) Software download link for Mac (10.13 or later)

 2. Select Mac installation file (dmg)

  • Wait for the installation file to download (1-3 minutes) 
  • Locate the file OrtracExam.dmg on your computer and open the file (Downloads)

  • Click on Cancel

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click on Security & Privacy (see image)

  • Click on the tab General
  • Click at Open anyway

  • Click on Open

6. Orzone Remote App starts

  • Approve camera access

  • Open system preferences

  • Checkbox OrtracExam

  • Quit now
  • Start OrtracExam