This article will guide you trough the installation of the Orzone Remote Exam on a Mac system (10.14 or later) 
Close make sure to close all other programs and any VPC connections, if any. Follow the instructions carefully.

1. Download software

 2. Open the Mac installation file (dmg)

  • Wait for the installation file to download (1-5 minutes) 
  • Either click on the downloaded link in the web browser, or open the downloaded installer  OrzoneRemoteInstaller.dmg in your Downloads folder.
  • Next, double-click on the installer app and follow the install wizard.

3. Start the app and setup your profile

The easiest way to start the installed app is to start Launchpad, and click on the icon. Alternatively you can click the command button and spacebar at the same time and then type OrzoneRemoteExam and click enter.


Orzone Remote App starts

  • Approve camera access

  • Open system preferences

  • Checkbox

  • Quit now
  • Start OrtracExam