1. Booking code

  • Write your last name
  • Type the booking code (click on the arrow which appears to the right)

  • Policies, mark all checkboxes and Press I agree

  • Devices, confirm the hardware and Press Continue

  • ID setup, Place yourself in front of the camera, click on Start a blue rectangle surrounds your face. If the picture´s OK, you get transferred to the Face page

3. Face ID

  • Press Identify
  • Wait for the software to identify your face (If something is wrong in your picture, press stop and remove the obstacle and press Identify again.
  • If OK, you will be transferred to the next page (ZOOM)

4. ZOOM setup

  • Enter your phone number (example: Sweden +46 or 0046 and your phone number)
  • Press Save
  • Press the Send link to receive an SMS to your phone (the phone you will use during the examination)

  • Go to Step 1: Open message on phone (follow instructions on the screen)

  • Go to Step 2: Download and start Zoom (follow instructions on the screen)

  • Go to Step 3: Wait for host (follow instructions on the screen)

  • Go to Step 4: Join with host (follow instructions on the screen)

  • Go to Step 5: Leave meeting (follow instructions on the screen)

4. Boarding

  • On the Examination day start the app
  • Connect to the ZOOM meeting (see Invitation letter for zoom link) 
  • Wait to get access to the room/meeting
  • Following instructions (show ID etc) to get a Boarding code to get access to the examination

5. Start the examination

  • Press the Go to exam
  • Press Start


  • You may need a code to start the exam

6. Help pages

  • To get access to the support site, press the Help button in the lower left corner of the screen

7. Controls

  • You can turn off the feedback from the AI detection by turning of the Speech warning
  • You can turn off Auto Open Draver by pressing the toggle button
  • Press quit if you like to leave the examination, after all sessions. Hold down the button for 3 seconds.
  • The screen in the top left corner is the representation of your face recognition setup