This article explain what to do before the exam start (on the day of the exam). The exam organizer will have informed you when you are supposed to be connect to the exam session, usually 30-90 minutes before the exam start. Please read the instructions from your exam organizer carefully. Also make sure that your computer and phone are prepared and checked-in, otherwise it will not be possible to on-board to the exam. 


Prepare your documents

  • Have your Photo ID ready
  • Have your room prepared according to instructions
  • Have your Booking code ready

Start your exam app on your computer

  • Click at the icon

Connect to Zoom on your phone

  • Use phone to snapshot the QR code inside the computer software (appears an hour before the exam starts). or use the SMS that has a Web link to a Zoom meeting. Have the SMS available, on your Phone.
  • This should start the Zoom app on your phone. 
  • You will be transferred to a waiting room. When the examiner is ready you will be granted access to the exam room
  • Your examiner will inspect the ID, and Room if OK you receive a Boarding code to enter inside the computer app

Demo examination

  • While you wait for your boarding code, you can try out a demo examination.

When the exam is ready to start

  • the examiner/invigilator will announce a start code for the examination. Use the code to start the first part of the examination. This step may be repeated if the exam is divided into several parts. 

During the exam

  • you may be asked to turn on your microphone (press unmute in Zoom on your phone) if the examiner/invigilator needs to communicate with you. Normally the exam will however run with muted microphones which are controlled by the examiner/invigilator.