This article describes how to setup your phone with the Zoom app for video communication


Its your responsibility to ensure that your phone is charged, has reliable network communication and that Zoom is working on your phone. Failure during check-in or on exam day may result in not being able to sit/complete the exam. 


Use phone to snaphot QR code in computer app

  • At the step Join Zoom inside the computer app, you need to use your phone to snapshot a personal QR code. Follow the 4 steps presented on the screen:
    1. Scan the QR code with your mobile device
    2. Launch with ZOOM
    3. Join with video
    4. Wait to be admitted into the meeting (inside the computer software at examination day: a QR-code will be visible 1 hour before the exam starts)

(alternative to QR code) Send me a link instead

  • Enter the phone number with country code + phone number without the first zero. (Two examples of how to enter the phone number correctly: Swedish country code +46 or 0046, Ordinary mobile phone number 0705123456 First example: +46705123456 Second example: 0046705123456) 
  • Press the Save
  • Press Send Link
  • Follow the steps presented inside the desktop app & perform these step on your phone:

Available ZOOM app sites

How to prepare and position your phone (for check-in and on exam day)

  • Connect the phone to a power outlet
  • Connect the phone to a stable wifi
  • Check that Zoom works
  • Place the phone in a holder, like see picture below

Distance and angle of the phone

  • Place the phone 50-100 cm at a straight angle from the computer
  • Try to catch as much as yourself & the computer in the picture. Start a video and switch the camera towards you to find a good place for the phone.