This article describes the how to prepare your computer for a remote examination & how to download/install the exam software. It is critical that you complete these steps prior to check-in.

Taking the exam remotely save considerable time, travel and money for the exam taker. The drawback is that some preparation is needed to guarantee exam security. Be prepared to spend 10-30 minutes to prepare your computer and phone.

Ensure that you have a computer where you have the full right to install software and that you have an accessable camera built into it. (external cameras are not recommended). 

If you use a work computer, then you may have problems to install software (depending on the settings of your IT department).

The following OS versions are supported: PC Windows 10 (64-bit), Mac 10.13 and later

Before you start installing. Make sure to close any other programs. Also ensure that you do not use any VPN connections.


1. Before installation 

  • You have a computer that meets specifications (PC Windows 10 (64-bit), Mac 10.13 and later)
  • You have connected to a (wifi) network 
  • You have a functioning camera on your computer (+phone)
  • Later in the process, you will need the last name & Booking code written in your invitation letter

2. Overview of the installation process

  • Download and install the software (select PC or Mac)
  • Set-up software on computer with Booking code & Name from the invitation letter(set-up personal facial ID etc).
    • During the process, you will be asked to take a snapshot of a QR-code with your phone, to guide you to the correct ZOOM link, to be used for the examination day. An alternative solution, enter your phone number. You receive an SMS and instructions on how to proceed to connect ZOOM to your phone. After these steps, you will see a page with the Boarding code, you are finished with the installation. (see video for details) 
  • On the day of the exam, connect to Zoom, show your ID + room, if OK & you receive a Boarding code to join the exam. 

3. Download and install software 

    Software will become available for download during Friday

4. Setup the software

5. Checkin and boarding

  • Start the software on your computer.
  • Use the QR-code inside the installed software to connect to the Zoom on your phone. 
  • You end up in a Zoom waiting room, an examiner will let you in, you present your ID, your room and will receive a Boarding code
  • Enter the Boarding code into the installed software on your computer

6. Problems during installation

If any problems arise during installation.