This article describes the how to prepare your computer for a remote examination & how to download/install the exam software. It is critical that you complete these steps days ahead of examination.

Taking the exam remotely saves considerable time, travel and money. The drawback is that some preparation is needed to guarantee exam security. Be prepared to spend 10-30 minutes extra.


  1.  Before installation 
  2.  Overview of the installation process
  3.  Download and install software 
  4.  Setup the software
  5.  Setup & board exam
  6.  Problems during installation

1. Before installation 

  • You have a computer that meets specifications
    Windows 10 -11(64-bit, x86_64)
    Note: Windows on ARM (arm64) is currently not supported.
    - Mac 10.14 and later

  • You have a functioning web camera
  • You have a computer with full right to install the software (if you are using a work computer, check with IT department)
  • You have  a stable internet connection 
  • Any VPN connections should be turned off during installation and during the exam.
  • Disconnect any extra screens connected to the computer
  • Close all other programs

2. Installation process overview

  1. Download Orzone Remote exam software here.
  2. Install the software on your computer 
  3. Login with Booking code & Your Name (as spelled in the invitation letter)
  4. Follow the installation instructions in the Orzone Remote exam software

3. Setup the software

Download and install the software. The site will guide you to the correct installation article (Mac or PC) but you can open them manually below. The instructions guide you through your personal setup, including setting up your facial identity.

4. Problems during installation

If any problems arise during installation.